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Resiliency in all its forms

The climate crisis is more than just two words. It's a spider's web of impact that, in time, will touch every part of our lives.

I know we all know this, based on how assertively we're fighting to slow its rise, but it's important to be reminded just how high the stakes are in this struggle.

That's why I want to briefly mention one part of the climate emergency that's been a significant issue of late: power.

Fires. Floods. Devastating weather events. All are tied inexorably to the climate climate crisis. And that means we have to be ready when these events hit our power grid.

I'm talking about more than people relying on flashlights and candles. This is about resiliency for hospitals to keep patients alive, about frontline businesses keeping the lights on, about heat for families in cold months, or cooling in the warmest ones.

Resilient. That's what we all must be to attack this challenge.

I'm leading the charge in Congress to bring our nation's power infrastructure into the 21st century to withstand 21st century climate emergencies. It's vital that we prioritize grid resilience for smaller, rural communities that badly need the support, and build in transparency and, so communities can hold those managing our power infrastructure accountable.

However essential these changes are, there is much more work to be done in tackling the climate emergency.

To use another analogy, it's about seeing both the forest and the trees. We have to work both ends of this problem: fighting the climate emergency itself with big, bold solutions, while addressing the myriad of consequences being felt in communities across America.

This will be an uphill battle. I'm in it all the way, but I'll need your help. Our grassroots movement has worked miracles before, and it can do so again, because it takes a movement for change to come.

More soon,


Posted on May 5, 2021.

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