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Momentum for gun safety reform

Americans are sick and tired of waking up to headlines about another mass shooting.

This pattern is almost an everyday tradition here in America.

But so is rightful outrage. Demonstration. And commitment to make things right.

That commitment includes expanding our Senate majority, to take on the NRA and pass common-sense gun safety laws.

Our nation's gun violence and mass shooting epidemic define too much of who we are as a people. The lives lost are the memorial to how we haven't done nearly enough.

And that includes too many failures in the Senate, where the NRA and its Republican allies have stalled so many common-sense efforts, along with their longstanding effort to pack the Supreme Court with justices who share their extremist views.

One of my top goals in public service is to break this seemingly-inexhaustible loop of gun violence and mass shootings, to save as many lives as possible.

I'm not afraid to be direct here, either: without your financial support, we risk losing the Senate in 2022, and with it all of the progress we've started to make on this issue, and so many other issues.

Would you please make a donation of $3 to elect a Senate that's committed to protecting our families, not gun manufacturers?

More soon.


Posted on July 12, 2021.

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