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What Trump said

Donald Trump just announced that he's "made a decision" about whether he'll run in 2024.

Some people are treating that like news.

But it's not.

In fact, it doesn't matter.

Because, though we defeated Trump in 2020, his style of cruel, hate-filled, anti-democratic, obstructionist ignorance is still alive and well among Republican lawmakers nationwide.

Regardless of whether Trump is on the ballot, Trumpism will be. And we'll need to stop it. Please donate today and let's stand together in strength.

Both houses of Congress are already dealing with the lies and anti-democratic sabotage attempts from Trump loyalists.

We saw it in their willingness to parrot the Big Lie about the election, then in their attempts to paper over the bloody January 6 insurrection that threatened our entire democracy.

We've lived through the tragic after-effects of their refusal to wear masks or encourage vaccinations.

We've witnessed their racist efforts to blame COVID-19 on immigrants.

We've seen enough. Chip in now to elect a Congress focused on serving the American people, not disgraced criminals and special interests.

Trump says he's made a decision. Well, so have we.

I'm committed to a future where people are treated equally, basic human rights are upheld, and we work together to fix our country and planet's most urgent problems. I know you are, too.

Trump is busy grooming candidates around the country to stop those efforts, and it is just part of why we must work so, so hard to defeat him and his allies over the coming year and a half.

Early grassroots support of this effort is absolutely essential. I'm asking for you to chip in $3 right now to see it along.

Our grassroots effort can't let up. The alternative isn't anything I want to even begin to consider.

Let's make these next weeks and months count.


Posted on August 5, 2021.

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