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Two main takeaways from the latest climate report

The United Nations just released its latest findings on the state of the climate crisis, and the report paints a pretty stark picture, with two main takeaways:

  1. The bad news is worse than we thought. The report notes that the effects of the global climate crisis are more extreme than predicted, and worsening faster than predicted. We're seeing more intense and more frequent hurricanes, ocean acidification, fires, floods, drought, and wild fluctuations in weather; this week, temperatures in my hometown of Portland are expected to approach 110° for the second time this summer.

  2. Humanity still has (barely enough) time to take the bold action needed to prevent the worst. We'll still feel the effects of the havoc we've wreaked on the environment, but we'll narrowly avoid crossing the point of no return. If we stomp on the brakes, we can keep the car from going over the cliff.

The report notes that we've reached "code red for humanity."

Our movement is fighting to elect Senators who will treat the crisis like a crisis and act now. Chip in now to get it done!

There's just no room for Republican lawmakers' denial and ignorance any more. We have no time to waste on their disingenuous debates, their falsified science, or their arrogant posturing. We can't entertain the Republican whining that our belief in science and a will to survive are somehow partisan.

While humanity has a very clear choice to make between the brakes and the cliff, Republican leaders refuse to even accept that we're in a car. In fact, they still mock people who do.

That's not expressing an ideological difference. That's willingly ignoring the facts to score political points and keep Big Oil donors happy.

We. Have. To. Act. Now. Republican leadership has shown their total unwillingness to step up. We can and we must elect a blue Senate in 2022 to continue the battle against the climate emergency.

We've made our choice. Let's get it done.


Posted on August 11, 2021.

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