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Republicans are already using dark money to take seats in Oregon

I want to tell you about two facts that are on my mind right now.

  • First, we have just under 10 hours to go until our end-of-month fundraising deadline. We've got big plans for the fall, and we'll need every dollar to get our message out early. Please chip in and power our movement!

  • Second, if you think Republicans won't try to make a play for the U.S. Senate here in Oregon, think again. Kevin McCarthy, the man who leads Republicans in the U.S. House, has said he's looking for opportunities to flip seats here in Oregon.

I don't trust most things that Kevin McCarthy says, but I believe him on this one.

Here's the critical part: if we mobilize and get ahead of them early, it might just make things a whole lot easier down the road – here in Oregon and around the country.

Because Republicans are going to have a massive amount of dark money that they're going to spend everywhere to take control.

So with less than a day to go, I'm asking if you'll chip in $11 to fuel the grassroots progressive movement.


Posted on August 31, 2021.

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