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Mitch McConnell's plan to deny your right to vote

Republican lawmakers have spent decades passing laws and stacking our judicial system with extremist judges and justices to make it harder for Americans – particularly people of color – to vote.

In the last year, those attacks on our constitutional right to vote have only accelerated.

In spite of this longstanding, coordinated effort to sabotage our elections, some people still insist that our democracy isn't in crisis. As a result, far-right politicians and their donors will continue their assault on voting rights in America unless we act now to safeguard the right to vote once and for all.

Donate before tonight's end of quarter deadline. Let's protect and expand our Senate majority in 2022 and preserve our democracy!

This isn't about red or blue states. It's about making sure that the central promise of democracy – one person, one vote – is upheld. It's about making sure voters, not extremist politicians set on undermining our democracy, choose our country's leadership.

Congressional Republicans have made clear that they will gladly ignore the voice of the voters if it means amassing more power.

We can't give them that chance. Chip in before midnight to make sure we have the resources to expand our Senate majority!


Posted on September 30, 2021.

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