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What The New York Times says about my plan:

The climate crisis is dramatic, and its horrifying effects are all over our TVs and newspaper headlines: fires, floods, blizzards, drought. Homes destroyed, businesses ruined, lives ended.

As every single American begins to feel the consequences of this crisis, our nation's lawmakers can no longer look the other way on its causes: lax regulation, dishonest lobbying, and above all, loopholes in the tax code. Because only when we acknowledge the root causes can we take real, meaningful action to tackle this emergency.

The climate emergency is real, and our nation's energy policies and tax code need to catch up. Fast.

Right now, our tax code is a mess of temporary, inadequate credits that make pollution profitable. Very profitable. It's no exaggeration to say that the fossil fuel industry has incentivized the destruction of our planet.

That's why I want to pass legislation with real teeth to flip those incentives on their heads.

My plan will overhaul our nation's tax code to dramatically reduce our carbon emission footprint. In fact, my proposal is the linchpin for carbon emission reductions in Democrats' Build Back Better agenda.

The New York Times reported over the weekend that this proposal would be "the single largest federal expenditure to promote clean energy."

"Tax credits to cut pollution" may not sound exciting, but you can bet that our nation's worst polluters realize it's a big deal. They're already spending millions on lobbyists and media disinformation to contaminate the truth as much as they contaminate our air and water.

Good jobs, a clean energy future, and saving lives while protecting our planet. It's all on the line, and we need more than just talk: we need aggressive, policy-driven climate action.

And that's what Democrats are fighting for in the Build Back Better agenda. Real, meaningful action to put America back in the driver's seat leading the world to a cleaner future.

Of course it will be a fight. Opposition's sure to be fierce. But I am hopeful because this is absolutely the right direction for America's future.

Stay tuned. I'll have more details soon.


Posted on October 28, 2021.

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