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My plan to make billionaires pay their fair share:

Let's be frank: our country shouldn't see the levels of poverty we do, or have any amount of crumbling infrastructure – not while our ultra-wealthy have avoided paying their fair share in taxes for years.

Because here's a plain truth: anyone worth more than $1 billion, or earning more than $100 million per year has no excuse for dodging their obligation to our country.

And yet billionaire tax cheats have spent years (and, if you can believe it, millions of lobbying dollars) rigging our tax code so that they pay a tiny fraction of their fair share – and sometimes nothing at all – while the rest of us contribute.

I am taking the lead to change that, with the Billionaires Income Tax.

My plan isn't radical, it's pretty simple. While teachers and firefighters pay taxes out of each paycheck, billionaires have been able to get away without paying their fair share, and sometimes nothing at all. My plan will end that scheme once and for all.

This is a historic opportunity to bring tax fairness to America, one we've needed for far too long.

But getting this across the finish line won't be easy. The ultra-wealthy and their loyalists in Congress are already attacking me for introducing this plan.

Here's the bottom line: the majority of Americans are sick and tired of paying what they owe while our country's wealthiest and well-connected keep cheating the system. We recognize both the urgent need and opportunity before us.

Stay focused with me: it's time for billionaires to finally pay their fair share in taxes. The Billionaires Income Tax will make sure they do.


Posted on November 4, 2021.

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