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Abortion is health care

Two things are on my mind a lot recently when it comes to access to safe and legal abortion.

I believe reproductive care is essential care, and the politicization of this topic is atrocious. We should never shy away from the truth: abortion is health care.

I also believe that while the latest Supreme Court debate over the medieval Texas abortion law is the latest front in that fight, it's not going to be the last one – no matter what happens in the coming weeks.

Donald Trump ran on an explicit promise: to turn the Supreme Court over to anti-abortion extremists who would look to overturn *Roe v. Wade.*

Giving in is not an option. In fact, quite the opposite: we must come at this with more determination than ever before.

Because governing a nation isn't hoping we get lucky at the Supreme Court.

We must elect progressive majorities that support access to safe and legal abortion—winning crucial swing seats in state legislatures, building a big, progressive bench to run and fight everywhere, and organizing across America (and not just in a few narrow districts).

Regardless of what the Supreme Court decides, nothing ends there.


Posted on November 22, 2021.

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