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To lose any of them would be devastating

The rights of women in America have been under a very public attack lately, culminating in the latest Supreme Court challenge to Roe v. Wade.

Right in the middle of that fight with me are three, progressive, powerful members of the U.S. Senate, each of whom we must re-elect in 2022.

New Hampshire's Maggie Hassan. Washington's Patty Murray. Nevada's Catherine Cortez Masto.

Chip in $3 right now. Give a little extra grassroots support to these progressive women leaders in the Senate.

While we must look to expand our progressive majority, I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep these three champions of progressive values in the Senate.

On every issue we've talked about over these last difficult months, Senators Hassan, Murray, and Cortez Masto have given themselves tirelessly to organizing and strategizing.

To lose any of them would be a devastating blow, one I'm sure Republicans would love to strike.

No matter what happens in the coming weeks at the Supreme Court, I do know one thing: over the coming years, progressives are going to rely heavily on these three women to be change leaders in the Senate.

We absolutely need to ensure our progressive Senate campaigns hit 2022 at full speed. December and its big FEC fundraising deadline are the last chance to do that, here in Oregon and everywhere across America.

Please donate today. Your support matters. A lot.


Posted on December 15, 2021.

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