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A dangerous disruption to our democracy

Today marks the horrific anniversary of the date domestic terrorists carried out a violent plot in hopes of overturning the results of a U.S. election. Thankfully, the January 6 insurrectionists failed, and mass bloodshed was avoided thanks to the bravery of law enforcement officers, some of whom sacrificed their lives in defense of the Capitol.

The people who plotted January 6th are continuing to undermine our democracy in advance of the midterms and the next presidential election. That's why I believe strengthening the right to vote is the single most important remedy to these anti-American schemes.

Republicans' strategy to dismantle our democracy is two-pronged: at the state level, extremist Republican legislatures and politicians pass horrendous and restrictive laws making it harder for people to vote. And then, in Washington D.C., their allies obstruct our progressive efforts to empower people and open up our democracy.

With their ridiculous abuse of the filibuster, this time to block voting rights legislation, Republicans in the Senate have once again shown they care little for democracy and fairness. All they care about is power—keeping it for themselves by denying voting rights to as many people as possible. They'll do whatever it takes.

Today, on the anniversary of the January 6 insurrection, we must remember that horrific day for what it was: an extremely dangerous disruption to our democracy and the fair election process. But we must also commit to action – continuing the vital work to ensure that everyone who has the right to vote has access to the vote.

Our elections should be fair and accessible for all. We're going to redouble our efforts in Congress to get as much done as possible, while always remembering: we have to organize hard, win in 2022, and hold Republicans accountable for their obstruction and extremism at the ballot box and beyond.


Posted on January 6, 2022.

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