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While billionaires brag, we'll organize.

While millions of families across the country are gearing up to file their taxes before the deadline, America's billionaires are continuing to use every loophole in our flawed tax code to avoid paying theirs.

For decades, America's wealthiest have been able to get away without paying the taxes they owe. What's worse, it's all perfectly legal. Republicans have spent decades building up a tax code that rewards the wealthy and well-connected, instead of hard-working families. Enough is enough. It's time for a Billionaires Income Tax.

Roads, child care, lower health care costs, and schools. Protections and public safety. Infrastructure, public health, and the social safety net. These are just some of the critical resources our country could invest in by ensuring billionaires pay what they owe.

For years now, Republican leadership has been shouting on Fox News that there's no such thing as a public good, and that their wealthy funders have no responsibility to the country that supports them.

Now, the ultra-wealthy and corporations gleefully avoid paying taxes – Donald Trump even bragged about it – all while enjoying the benefits of living in our society.

I am hopeful that, as we organize ahead of the 2022 election, we don't forget this fact.

Let me be clear: billionaires have a duty to pay their fair share, to contribute to the strength of this country if they want to reap the benefits, just like everyone else.

But Mitch McConnell and his buddies have made clear that their biggest priority (maybe their only priority) is to give the wealthy and well-connected a free ride, and stick working families with the bill.

We're fighting back. The next step, of course, is getting the word out and electing bold, progressive fighters to Congress. Together, we can build a Congress committed to our communities, to fairness, to an economy that works for everyone.

Donate today. Let's make it happen.


Posted on April 18, 2022.

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