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This fight isn’t over

On Monday, we learned that – according to reports – the Supreme Court is planning on overturning its landmark ruling in Roe v. Wade.

And while it's not official yet – reproductive rights are still protected in Oregon and across the country – it's time to act. Now.

We'll need a massive nationwide grassroots movement to elect a pro-choice Congressional majority. Chip in $3 now to build that movement.

Republicans spent years packing our nation's courts with right-wing judges and justices willing to do their dirty work for them behind closed doors.

The majority of Americans don't support a federal ban on abortion, but we know that's coming if the Supreme Court follows through on overturning Roe, and if Republicans succeed in taking back control of our country.

Americans understand that this is about a fundamental right to privacy, and the right for women to control their own bodies and health care decisions.

Overturning Roe is just the tip of the iceberg. If Republicans take back control of Congress and the White House, there's no doubt they will continue doing everything in their power to strip away decades of fundamental constitutional rights. The right to contraception, the right to marry who you love, the right to live freely without the threat of government intrusion is under full-fledged attack from the right.

Donald Trump ran on an explicit promise: to turn the Supreme Court over to anti-abortion extremists who would look to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Unfortunately, it looks like that may be the one promise to the American people he actually kept.

Giving in is not an option. This November, Americans have a clear choice on the ballot: to do away with decades of fundamental protections and the right to live your life without government intrusion or to build on the progress we've made and safeguard these rights for generations to come.

We must elect progressive majorities that support access to safe and legal abortion—winning crucial swing seats in state legislatures, building a big, progressive bench to run and fight everywhere, and organizing across America (and not just in a few narrow districts).

Let's get to work.


Posted on May 4, 2022.

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