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I won’t compromise on these core values

There are rightful concerns about how November's election will impact the future of our democracy. Americans have a clear choice on the ballot: to roll back the clock on decades of our constitutional rights, or build on the progress we've made and secure them for years to come.

But progressive Democrats will not win unless we organize around what we believe in and are willing to fight for.

We've built a powerful grassroots movement but with Republicans energized by an extremist Supreme Court that has rolled back decades of constitutional rights, we're in for a busy few months. Today is our big end-of-quarter deadline. Will you please chip in $3 to step up our organizing effort this summer?

There is still important work to be done on our progressive priorities like codifying abortion protections into law, addressing the climate crisis, ensuring equal rights and protections for marginalized Americans and communities, and expanding access to the ballot box. We must also close loopholes to ensure the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share, create good-paying, union jobs that allow families to put food on the table and save for a brighter future, and finally address our nation's housing crisis.

In other words: Tangible, actionable priorities that will make a difference in the lives of Americans for generations to come.

These are real, progressive priorities, and exactly why we need to fight tooth and nail to expand our Democratic majority in November.

I will always stand tall for these values. And I need your support as we advocate for them together on the road to November.


Posted on June 30, 2022.

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