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We need more forward-thinking leaders

Last week, the House passed some meaningful legislation in response to Justice Thomas's statement that the Supreme Court should roll back the rights to marriage equality and contraception.

And on both votes, the overwhelming majority of House Republicans voted against codifying these fundamental rights. This makes even more clear that if they retake their majority in the House and Senate this November, no constitutional right is safe.

Washington Post: House passes protection of same-sex, interracial marriages with bipartisan support  NYT: House Passes Bill to Ensure Contraception Rights After Dobbs

This fall, Americans have two clear choices on the ballot: roll back the clock on Americans' fundamental rights or build on the progress we've made and protect them for years to come.

The House has done its job to safeguard these rights, and with your help, the Senate can follow suit. We need to expand our progressive majority with forward-thinking leaders who will stand up to the right-wing Supreme Court and MAGA Republicans. Will you chip in $11 to help expand our majority this year?

The right to contraception and marry who you love goes hand in hand with the right to privacy. Every American should have the right to live their lives free of government intrusion.

Simply put: it's none of their business. Republicans are doing everything in their power to create a dystopian state of uterus surveillance.

This is why we need a progressive majority in the House and the Senate. We must protect fundamental rights like contraception and marriage equality! Can you chip in $11 to elect forward-thinking leaders?

It won't be easy. But I know if we come together, we'll see a progressive majority in 2022.


Posted on July 27, 2022.

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