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They’ll gut Social Security. That’s a fact.

In the last month, we were reminded that Social Security and Medicare will be top targets of a Republican-led Senate if they take back their majority this November. Lindsey Graham said as much recently on FOX News.

Lindsey Graham on Fox News

Lindsey Graham claims they'll be cutting these "entitlements" to save money. This is laughable coming from the party that voted to blow a 2 TRILLION dollar hole in the budget to cut taxes for corporations and the mega-wealthy.

Now they're coming after your hard-earned benefits. This is straight out of the Republican playbook: cut taxes for their biggest donors, cry wolf about the deficit, then claim that taking away Americans' earned benefits is the only way to solve the problem.

It's never been more clear that we need to protect and expand our Democratic majority in the Senate. Chip in and join Democrats in making a big push to November. Want to protect Social Security and Medicare? Donate Blue and organize for a big win on Election Day.

Social Security and Medicare are two of the most important, most effective programs in our country; they help millions of families put food on the table, access health care, and weather tough times.

So, naturally, Republicans are trying to get rid of them, so they can help the rich get richer.

Chip in now to expand the Democratic majority in Congress and defend Social Security and Medicare.

We will always protect Social Security and Medicare. Republicans will vote to gut it. That's a fact.


Posted on August 1, 2022.

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