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Ron’s always on the front lines

Ron's always on the front lines of the fight for progressive policy. From health care to the tax code to the climate crisis, Ron's led the charge to make our government more responsive, more inclusive, more just, and to create an economy that works for working families, not special interests.

That work has paid off, as the Senate and the House have now passed historic legislation to secure a clean energy future, lower prescription drug costs, and ensure corporations pay their fair share — sending it on to President Biden for his signature.

It took years, but Ron persevered, fought the good fight, and won.

We need Ron's leadership in the Senate to make sure we don't lose momentum. Can you chip in now to keep Ron in Congress and build on our progress?

When Senate efforts on climate stalled, Ron stuck with it and kept pushing.

For years, he's been spotlighting high prescription drug prices through his work on the Senate Finance Committee.

Every time a billionaire tax cheat bragged about not paying their fair share, Ron proposed solutions to make our economy work for everyone.

There is still more to be done. And Ron's already leading the fight for data privacy, protecting reproductive freedom, health care, cannabis legalization, and much more.

But Ron can't win these fights alone; as always, he needs the strength and commitment of our grassroots movement to power through Republican obstructionism and get it done.

We need a strong progressive majority in the Senate to move forward. Can you chip in now to help build up our majority?

Team Wyden

Posted on August 16, 2022.

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Ron Wyden is a champion for our progressive values -- standing up for consumers and the middle class, fighting for digital privacy and an open internet, protecting our planet and Oregon's special places, and always insisting on human rights and equality for all.

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