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I traveled across Oregon, and here’s what I heard

After working hard to pass Democrats' historic climate and health care legislation, I came home to Oregon, checking in with folks across the state. Along the way, Oregonians shared their priorities with me.

Time and time again, I heard firsthand about how our landmark legislation will lower drug costs for seniors at the pharmacy counter, make real investments to tackle the climate crisis, and create good-paying clean energy jobs. This new law will make a real difference in the lives of families across our state and the country.

We've made great progress on health care, student loans, tackling the climate crisis, and making sure corporations start paying their fair share.

Now is the time to build up our progressive majority. Can you donate $9 to help expand our Democratic majority this November?

We've seen what can happen with a Democratic majority in the Senate, and it's clear if we want to make even more progress on the priorities that matter to American families, we need to expand our majority to get it done. There is still more work to be done, and I'm ready to do it. I'll continue to be on the front lines for the things that matter most to Oregonians.

We need a strong progressive majority in Congress. People who are ready to do the work. Can you chip in now to help build up our majority?

Together I know we can win this fight.


Posted on August 31, 2022.

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