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14 states already

Since the far-right Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, red states across the country have begun passing increasingly grotesque and cruel legislation to limit access to critical health care services for women.

14 states have already instituted statewide abortion bans, and at least 9 other states could soon.

Republican-controlled state legislatures want nothing more than to rip away women's reproductive freedom. And if Republicans gain a Congressional majority, they've promised their next target is implementing a nationwide abortion ban.

This November, the American people have a clear choice: protect reproductive freedom or let extremist Republicans rip it away.

Protecting the right to reproductive freedom has never been more critical. Will you chip in to elect an unshakeable pro-choice majority in the Senate?

The vast majority of Americans support abortion rights. Republicans couldn't care less. They are knowingly denying the will of the voters to turn back the clock on progress.

The inspiring story of voters protecting abortion access in Kansas gives us hope. We can and will fight back.

Up and down the ballot, we must elect unapologetically pro-choice leaders.

Can you donate $5 now to help build a pro-choice majority in Congress?

I know we can win this fight if we all stand together.


Posted on September 8, 2022.

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