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They played with fire, and now we’re all getting burned.

For years, the Republican party has done everything in its power to subvert our democracy and sow division among Americans. Republicans created a monster, in their quest to secure absolute power. And now, like everyone knew it would, the monster is rearing its ugly head.

From throwing their support behind Trump, to their denial of the January 6 insurrection, to the countless lies they've told to Americans, the Republican party has welcomed extremism and chaos with open arms.

We saw that when Congressional Republicans repeated Trump's Big Lie, even after his MAGA mob attacked the Capitol, and we're seeing it now as Republicans failed for days to elect a Speaker of the House.

Their party is controlled by incompetent liars and power-hungry sycophants. They have forced out anyone in their ranks who would stand up for our democracy. They played with fire, and now we're all getting burned.

Our democracy cannot move forward if it's being held hostage by Republicans stuck in a power struggle.

This is a sign of what is to come with a Republican-led House: chaos, infighting, and standstill. They have made it clear they care little for the American people and even less for our democracy.

My Democratic colleagues in the House are eager to get to work for the American people and to create a more equitable America for all. Will you join our movement?


Posted on January 7, 2023.

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