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It’s who we’ve become as a country

Yesterday, Americans awoke to the news of yet another mass shooting. It seems that these days, no place is safe from the scourge of gun violence: churches, grocery stores, schools, movie theaters, and just this weekend, a Lunar New Year celebration.

The fact is that mass shootings are happening almost every day in America. The data doesn't lie: this isn't just an isolated incident; it's who we've become as a country.

This weekend should have been a time of celebration and joy for the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community across our country. Instead, it has been a time for mourning. And mass shootings like these will only continue until meaningful gun safety reforms are passed.

But Senate Republicans have made it clear they're willing to let innocent Americans die from senseless gun violence as long as they can keep cashing their campaign checks from the NRA.

Republicans will tell you this is a regrettable reality of preserving our constitutional freedoms and offer more empty thoughts and prayers. I call absolute bull. It makes me angry. It makes me sick. And it makes me want to fight with every fiber of my being.

I will continue standing on the front lines, fighting for stronger, common-sense gun safety measures. For me, this includes strengthening background checks and a comprehensive ban on assault weapons.

A mass shooting every day isn't my America.

Holidays turned deadly isn't my America.

We must come together as a country and truly fight for change and not let up until we see it happen.


Posted on January 23, 2023.

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