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Straight out of the Republican playbook

It's the same old story every time:

  1. Republican lawmakers do or say something egregious.
  2. Democrats call them out.
  3. Republican lawmakers clutch their pearls in feigned outrage over the accusation.
  4. We all roll our eyes.
I'm tired of this routine, and I know you are too.

We've got to hold Republicans accountable at the ballot box.

We're building a grassroots movement of resistance. Can you chip in $3 now and join the movement before our end-of-month fundraising deadline?

We watched this unfold with abortion rights. For years, Republicans waved off Democrats' concerns about their plans to overturn Roe v. Wade as false accusations and overreaction. Unfortunately, last year, we were proved right.

Now we're watching the same nonsense unfold – right now around Republican plans to gut Social Security and Medicare.

For years, right-wing lawmakers and operatives have done everything in their power to rip away Americans' hard-earned benefits. They've even said it themselves: they want to slash what they refer to as "entitlement programs." They promised to do the same thing in the upcoming debt ceiling fight Congress is facing this year.

We know they won't give up this fight, but neither will our movement. We must do everything we can to expand our blue majority in Congress and elect leaders who will build on the progress we've made, not continue to roll back the clock.

We need real leaders in Congress. Leaders who will work for the American people — not gaslight us.

I'm committed to standing firm against Republican attempts to deceive Americans. Will you join me in the fight?

More soon,


Posted on February 28, 2023.

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