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What you need to know about today's court decision on abortion medication

As you might have already heard, late this afternoon, a right-wing judge in Texas issued a nationwide ban on access to the abortion medication mifepristone, which will go into effect in seven days, unless the 5th Circuit acts.

This ruling will ban the most common method of abortion in ALL 50 states.

The consequences this ban will have on women cannot be overstated. That's exactly why I'm calling on the Biden administration to ignore this illegitimate ruling and keep mifepristone on the market and accessible to everyone that needs it.

But in the meantime, other abortion medications are still available. And if you're in Oregon and need help, you can call the Oregon Attorney General's new Reproductive Rights Hotline at (503) 431-6460, where legal questions will be answered on a pro bono (cost-free) basis by attorneys in participating law firms.

This case is yet another example of conservatives' grotesque obsession with controlling women's bodies and infringing on Americans' privacy and reproductive freedom.

I held the first Congressional hearing on protecting access to mifepristone back in 1990. Over 30 years later and I am still fighting with everything I've got to protect access to reproductive care.

I'm in this fight all the way.

More soon,


Posted on April 7, 2023.

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