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Join the movement: Sign my petition to protect abortion access.

Less than one year after the Dobbs decision, women across our country just lost access to another pillar of reproductive care.

Just a few days ago, the most lawless judge in America – hand-picked by Donald Trump – effectively banned access to the abortion medication, mifepristone. This ban will take effect in seven days unless the Fifth Circuit acts.

If it takes effect, this ruling will ban the most common method of abortion in ALL 50 states. Even in states where abortion is still legal, like Oregon.

Republicans are continuing to wage their war on women's reproductive freedom. The consequences for women, if this ban is allowed to take effect, will be devastating. We have to stop them. Sign my petition today.

This case has no legal standing and was purposefully funneled to Trump's judge in Texas because right-wing extremists knew he would deliver the verdict they wanted. The very same extremists that helped overturn Roe v. Wade.

Conservatives have spent decades packing our courts with right-wing judges and justices willing to do their dirty work for them and legislate from the bench. The mifepristone ban is the direct result of years of Republican court-washing.

A few weeks ago, I did something I've never done before: I stood on the Senate floor and called on President Biden and the FDA to ignore this illegitimate ruling, keep mifepristone on the market, and protect access to this critical medication for women nationwide.

Our country is at a turning point. We can either sit back and watch the undemocratic takeover of our institutions by right-wing extremists, or we can fight back. That's where you come in.

I need your help: sign my petition and tell President Biden to stand up to conservative extremists and ignore the mifepristone ban.

We know Republicans won't stop here. They didn't stop with Dobbs. They're not content to leave it up to the states. They'll keep chipping away at our constitutional rights and freedom from every angle unless we act.

We must hold them accountable and defend reproductive rights – starting with ignoring this ban.

More soon,


Posted on April 11, 2023.

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