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The abortion medication mifepristone is protected – for now

A few months ago, I stood on the Senate floor and sounded the alarm on the far-right's next target in its war on reproductive freedom: the abortion medication, mifepristone. And earlier this month, a radical right-wing judge in Texas handed anti-abortion fanatics the ruling they'd been hoping for: a nationwide ban on this critical pillar of reproductive care.

It's been a confusing few weeks as this case has worked its way through the courts, and Republicans are relishing in the chaos they've created.

But we have an update: last Friday, the Supreme Court blocked the lower court's radical and illegitimate decision to ban mifepristone. This means that for now, the medication remains on the market and accessible to women that need it.

While this ruling is a temporary win for abortion rights, we know that Republicans and radical right-wing judges are not going to stop their attacks on women.

The farthest of the far right has made it clear it will stop at nothing to rip away the right for women to make private health care decisions. This won't be the last time these extremists go after abortion rights, and we need to be ready to defend against any attack on women's reproductive freedom.

As this case makes its way through the appeals process, it's more important than ever that we protect and expand abortion access into the future.

Republicans aren't backing down, but neither are we.

More updates to come,


Posted on April 25, 2023.

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