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A classic case of greed and corruption

Nothing unites House Republicans like trying to make it easier for rich people to cheat on their taxes. Last night, House Republicans passed their bill to raise the debt ceiling. Their "plan" amounts to nothing more than a scheme to help the rich cheat on their taxes while making working families pay for it.

Speaker McCarthy and his far-right friends are plunging our country toward catastrophic default so they can force their radical agenda onto American families.

Not on my watch. This bill is DOA in the Senate.

Republicans have proven they're willing to move mountains to give tax breaks to the wealthy and well-connected, and now they want to pay for it by gutting spending on things like food stamps and forcing children to go hungry.

We need a Congress that works for working Americans, not the wealthy few. That means expanding our Senate majority and taking back the House. Will you donate now to fuel our fight to get right-wing extremists out of Congress?

As this fight heats up, remember that Republicans manufactured this crisis. And McCarthy's bill will force kids to go hungry, worsen health care, damage the climate, and allow tax cheats to run rampant.

I'm committed to fighting this sorry excuse for a bill and any other harmful policies Republicans push forward. But I can't do it alone. Can you chip in now and join the fight?

Together, we can create an America that works for everyone.


Posted on April 27, 2023.

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