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Putting Americans back in the driver’s seat for their data

It seems like not a day goes by without a new headline about how Americans' data is being misused and abused.

From banks to corporations and tech companies, private companies and their CEOs have made it painfully clear to the American people how little they care about protecting personal information.

In the lead-up to the Supreme Court's disastrous decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, I sounded the alarm about the fallout that devastating decision would have for the privacy and ability of millions of women to exercise their right to make their own health care decisions.

Nearly a year ago, the Dobbs decision not only stripped reproductive rights from millions of women but also rolled back Americans' fundamental right to privacy and the right to live their lives free of government intrusion.

Without Roe in place, I've been concerned that Republican states will weaponize women's private health data against them. Unfortunately, we have already seen this happen with states prosecuting women for seeking abortion care – and doctors for agreeing to provide it. Many social media and tech companies have made it clear that they have little interest in doing the bare minimum to protect our private data from government overreach.

That's why I'm leading the charge to implement federal protections and put Americans back in the driver's seat to control their data. But I can't do it alone. Will you help fuel the fight and donate today before our end-of-month deadline?

This isn't only about reproductive freedom. The privacy debate spills over into nearly every facet of our everyday lives: the right to contraception, the right to marry who you love, the right to control your most private information, and so much more.

Simply put, I believe Americans have a fundamental right to privacy.

I know that the coming weeks and months won't be easy, but this is a battle worth fighting. Full stop. I'm going to continue working as hard as I can to safeguard your data privacy once and for all.

Let's get to work.


Posted on May 30, 2023.

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