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Together, we took on Big Pharma – and won.

Prescription drug prices have been on the rise for decades. While Big Pharma continues to rake in record profits, Americans are getting mugged at the pharmacy counter, and being forced to make tough choices between putting food on the table or paying for their medications. It's shameful.

That's why lowering the cost of prescription drugs has been one of my biggest priorities throughout my time in Congress. But as we've learned time and time again, special interests and Big Pharma are determined to keep their profits at record highs.

But last year, Democrats delivered big, bold action to lower drug costs for seniors under the historic Inflation Reduction Act. And already we're seeing it pay off.

Just days ago, the Biden Administration announced the first medications chosen for Medicare's new price negotiation – which I was able to secure under the IRA. This unprecedented change gives Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices directly with Big Pharma, and ensure seniors are getting the best deal possible for their medications.

US Announces First Drugs Picked for Medicare Price Negotiations

But I can tell you, that Big Pharma and its allies have wasted no time in fighting back. They're funding far-right Republicans in key House and Senate races in advance of 2024 so they can elect a Congress that will do their bidding, and undo the progress Democrats have made to bring down costs for families.

I'm committed to building a strong Democratic majority in Congress full of leaders who will stand up to Big Pharma. It's not going to be easy, but together we can make it happen. Can you chip in $7 now and join the fight?

I'm incredibly proud of the wins I was able to secure as part of the Inflation Reduction Act. For years, we've talked about lowering prescription drug costs for seniors by allowing Medicare to negotiate and capping out-of-pocket costs.

Now we're delivering.

I'm determined to keep fighting to lower costs for families and seniors — and defending our historic legislation from the Republicans who are eager to dismantle it.

I'll always work to hold unscrupulous drug companies and shadowy pharma middlemen accountable. We've made great progress, and there's more work ahead, and I'm all in to get it done.

Will you donate now to help me defend our progress and stay in the fight for our seniors? Our movement came this far because of folks like you, and we're counting on your support to keep pushing forward.

More soon,


Posted on September 20, 2023.

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