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$34 billion in unpaid taxes.

I know that for most Americans, the IRS probably isn't a topic of conversation at the dinner table every night.

But here's why you should care: for decades, Republican lawmakers have been bleeding the IRS dry of the resources it desperately needs to go after wealthy tax cheats.

The IRS is in charge of investigating and going after the super-wealthy Americans who are gaming the system to avoid paying what they owe.

But for a long time – under years of Republican budget cuts – it wasn't able to. That's all changing now, thanks to Democrats' historic Inflation Reduction Act, which gave the IRS the resources it needs to go after wealthy tax cheats.

And it's already delivering.

Recently, I received brand new data from the IRS that I requested. And you won't believe these numbers.

Just shy of one thousand millionaires who didn't even file taxes owe an estimated $34 BILLION in unpaid taxes.

You read that right, it's not a typo. Thirty-four BILLION.

This is just one example of wealthy tax cheats that the IRS can now go after and hold responsible for failing to pay what they owe.

And think about how far $34 billion could go. We could fund schools, fix roads and bridges, expand broadband to every community, reduce the deficit, and much more. Think of what we could do if every super-wealthy American paid what they owe.

I've often said that our country is a tale of two tax codes: one for working families that pay taxes out of each paycheck and one that's riddled with loopholes for the super-wealthy to get away without paying their fair share. Unfortunately, these latest numbers are just further proof that I'm right.

Democrats are working hard to make sure everyone's playing by the same rules: paying what they owe and their fair share. But we can't do it without your help.

We've seen what's possible with a Democratic Congress. It's crucial that we defend and expand our Democratic majority in the Senate, retake power in the House, and send progressive leaders to Washington, D.C., who will fight for working families, not the wealthy and well-connected. Chip in now to make this a reality.

Together, we can create an America where everyone pays their fair share.

More soon,


Posted on October 16, 2023.

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