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The GOP’s relentless war on reproductive freedom

Bodily autonomy and privacy are fundamental human rights. However, since the Supreme Court gutted Roe v. Wade, those rights have been ripped away from women in more than twenty states.

Now, extremist Republican lawmakers are trying to prevent women from traveling to states where abortion is legal.

The Hill: Conservative activists are pushing ‘trafficking’ laws to prevent women from traveling for an abortion

Voters in Ohio recently chose to enshrine reproductive choice into their state's law. It's clear that the overwhelming majority of Americans want to be able to make personal decisions about their health care free from government intrusion.

By gutting Roe, conservatives dared the American people to go to the polls and protect abortion rights nationwide. The American people are delivering.

When Roe was first overturned, I sounded the alarm on the ramifications this ruling would have for Americans' constitutional right to privacy. We're already seeing women's private health data be weaponized against them in red states if they seek out reproductive care.

Data privacy and reproductive rights go hand in hand. We must stand up and protect both from these insidious attacks.

I'm fighting tooth and nail to do just that, but I can't do it alone. I need the continued support of this movement and people like you. Can you chip in now before our end-of-month deadline this week and join the fight?

Republicans have no place in the exam room with a woman and her doctor. Every single American deserves the right to make private health care decisions without government intrusion.

We know the far-right won't stop its relentless and undemocratic assault on reproductive health care. Until we can codify every woman's right to bodily autonomy, reproductive freedom is on every single ballot.

From who sits in the White House, to who controls the House and Senate, all the way down to state and local elections – every vote matters.

Far-right extremists have made it clear that they don't care about the will of the voters — and that their goal is to advance extreme, cruel policies at the national level at any cost.

We cannot allow these extremists to gain control of the Senate. Chip in now, before our end-of-quarter deadline, and help build up a strong, unapologetically pro-choice majority.

We can't do it with you.

More soon,


Posted on November 27, 2023.

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