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High hopes for what's possible

Our Democratic Senate majority has a lot to be proud of — from confirming hundreds of progressive judges to passing historic legislation to create jobs, boost clean energy, and bring down the cost of prescription drugs — but all progress will grind to a halt if Republicans flip the chamber next year.

Let's be frank about the playing field for 2024:

  • Democrats are on the offense in the battle for control of the House and can re-take it by flipping just 5 seats in districts that Joe Biden carried by significant margins

  • However, we face a historically daunting Senate map and need to hold seats in 5 states that each voted at least once for Donald Trump

In 2024, I'll be organizing to defend our Senate majority and advance our progressive values wherever we can. If our grassroots movement is going to succeed, we need to be building the groundwork now. So please donate $3 before we ring in the new year tonight.

I have high hopes for what the next Democratic trifecta could accomplish. We can secure civil liberties and voting rights. We can create a wave of affordable housing. We can fix the damage wrought by the right-wing Supreme Court. We can expand health care access, and make higher education an achievable reality for all Americans.

A strong, progressive government has a tremendous ability to do good for the American people. We've seen that in everything from our infrastructure law to our COVID relief efforts to the CHIPS Act to the Inflation Reduction Act. And should we hold the majority come 2025, there is so much more we can do to build on our progress.

But first, we have to pull out all the stops and ensure that we have the resources to counter GOP spending across the board.

I will always be on the side of progress and justice, and in 2024 I hope to have you as part of our movement. Together, our grassroots power can counter the influence of big money and ensure that a people-driven agenda prevails.

Next year's election matters — a lot. Please consider a donation before our year-end fundraising deadline, so we can keep organizing and getting the word out.


Posted on December 31, 2023.

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