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Roe was the tip of the iceberg

This week we got devastating news out of Alabama, where the state Supreme Court handed down a ruling effectively putting an end to in vitro fertilization, otherwise known as IVF, indefinitely.

Countless Americans rely each year on the IVF process to have a baby, but this ruling will mean that countless couples in Alabama will be left unable to bring a child into their lives.

When Roe was overturned, I and many others warned that it was just the tip of the iceberg with how far Republicans nationwide would go to overturn Americans' rights to make health care decisions without government interference. Unfortunately, this latest news out of Alabama is further proof that we were right.

This ruling was the direct result of Roe being overturned. But Republicans aren't going to stop at abortion – they're gleefully going after every facet of freedom in our personal lives. They won't rest until there's a politician in every exam room and bedroom in the country.

The decision to start a family is a deeply personal one, and one that brings joy to so many mothers and fathers around the country each and every day. Now, extremist Republicans have denied that right to start a family – denied that joy – to countless couples across Alabama.

Make no mistake: they won't stop here. Republican lawmakers have made it clear they've set their sights on everything from a national abortion ban, to contraception, the right to marry who you love, and many other deeply personal freedoms. If Republicans are allowed to regain control of the Senate and White House, and maintain control in the House this November, they will go after our fundamental rights. We can be certain of that.

Our country is at a crossroads, and our fundamental constitutional rights hang in the balance. It's never been more urgent that we reject Republican extremism in every corner of our nation and elect unapologetically pro-choice, progressive leaders to Congress. Will you join our grassroots fight to defend and expand our Democratic majority and retake the House from Republican extremists? I'm all in on this fight, and I hope you're with me.


Posted on February 25, 2024.

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