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Fundamental rights are not a “round number”

The New York Times reported earlier this month that behind closed doors Donald Trump has told supporters and advisers that he wants to institute a 16-week national abortion ban if he returns to the White House.

Between this and the alarming news out of Alabama last week that has effectively made IVF impossible in that state, it's clear that Republicans are doubling down on their extreme agenda to rip away Americans' fundamental rights and freedoms. I am determined to stop them.

Will you chip in before our fundraising deadline so we can continue to take the fight to anti-choice Republicans?

The Times story revealed just how callously Trump talks about the issue of choice:

"One thing Mr. Trump likes about a 16-week federal ban on abortions is that it's a round number. 'Know what I like about 16?' Mr. Trump told one of these people, who was given anonymity to describe a private conversation. 'It's even. It's four months.'"

The likely Republican presidential nominee considers the fundamental rights and privacy of Americans something that can be reduced to a "round number." It's sickening.

Someone like Donald Trump has no business telling Oregonians — or the rest of America — how to live their lives. And I'm doing everything I can to stop him and extremist Republicans from forcing their extremist agenda onto the American people.

But let's be clear: a national abortion ban is on the ballot this November. If Republicans succeed in retaking control of the Senate and the White House, it'll be at the top of their to-do list.

We need the resources to reject right-wing extremists up and down the ballot this November and elect unapologetically pro-choice leaders nationwide. There's a reason Trump is only privately stating his support of abortion bans — he knows it's a political loser.

Will you pitch in $14 today so I can sustain my work to center reproductive rights and protect the privacy of Oregonians? This is going to be a collective team effort from now all the way to Election Day.

Thank you,


Posted on February 29, 2024.

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