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We’re paying our fair share…it’s time billionaires do too.

Today, millions of hard-working Americans are finishing up filing their taxes. It's a day that puts into stark relief how our country is still living a tale of two tax codes: one where working families pay taxes out of each paycheck, and one that lets the ultra-wealthy get away without paying their fair share.

A teacher, firefighter, or delivery driver in Philomath, Oregon doesn't get to call up an army of high-priced lawyers and accountants any time they don't feel like paying their taxes. Working families pay taxes out of each paycheck, but billionaires don't have to play by the same rules.

And the really infuriating part? It's all perfectly legal – because Republicans and special interest groups have spent decades rewriting the tax code to stack the decks in favor of billionaires and steadfastly blocking any effort at reform.

Enough is enough.

This Tax Day I'm renewing my calls for a Billionaires Income Tax to finally ensure that the ultra-wealthy start paying their fair share.

If billionaires paid their fair share, we could improve our roads, child care, schools, you name it. We could make much-needed investments in critical lifelines that Americans rely on like Medicare and Social Security. We could strengthen the American dream and make our country a better place to live, work, and raise a family for everyone, not just those at the very top.

You know as well as I do: the majority of Americans are sick and tired of paying what they owe while our country's wealthiest and well-connected keep cheating the system. We recognize both the urgent need and opportunity before us.

I'm proud to play my part in this fight to level the playing field for working families and create an economy that works for everyone by leading the fight for my Billionaires Income Tax. This fight won't be easy in the face of so much entrenched opposition from special interests, but having voices like yours behind our movement gets us one step closer to prevailing.



Posted on April 15, 2024.

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