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No one is above the law

Yesterday, Donald Trump's legal team argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that he should have absolute immunity for blatantly illegal actions taken while he was President.

Just how far did they go? They suggested that if Trump as President had ordered a military coup or ordered the assassination of a political rival, he could not be prosecuted (because, by their logic, those would be "official" presidential acts).

We knew Donald Trump thought he was above the law, but to hear his lawyers argue the case in such horrific and no uncertain terms really puts things into perspective. With just over six months to go before Election Day, Trump is very much in a position to potentially return to the White House – and he would do so more empowered than ever to test the bounds of presidential authority.

Trump's grip on the GOP has never been tighter, and it's downright alarming to realize that so many of my colleagues in Congress are fine with (or too afraid to speak out against) a leader who believes in zero accountability for the executive branch of government.

And whether he wins or loses in November, Trump's ideology isn't leaving our political discourse any time soon. A core pillar of the MAGA agenda is to chip away at the separation of powers within our democratic system. And as a champion of civil liberties, individual freedoms, and transparency throughout my whole career, I will fight against the MAGA agenda every step of the way.

If you're with me, please make a grassroots donation of $3 to help me organize and rally supporters to ensure that we prevail this year – and beyond.

By the skin of our teeth, we managed to contain the worst of Trump's authoritarian desires during his first presidency. But serious damage was done — and the door has been opened for the next Republican president to take us even further to the edge.

We need champions for democracy to win big this year. We need to be able to call out MAGA Republicans clearly and repeatedly, and we need to keep our grassroots movement engaged to push back on this radical extremism.

All the work we are doing today matters. So I'm asking you to stand with me.

Please chip in $3 — or whatever you can — now to join us in the fight for our democracy.

More soon,


Posted on April 26, 2024.

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