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Convicted felon Donald Trump

Well, it finally happened:

Donald Trump was just convicted of criminal acts by a jury of his peers.

It's truly remarkable that Republicans rallied around Trump in the primaries knowing that he was facing so many felony charges. And now, his party's early reactions show Republicans are perfectly happy to plow ahead with a convicted felon as their presidential nominee.

Trump's allies in Congress are already taking a page out of his playbook and attacking the legal process as "rigged."

I have no doubt that Trump and the MAGA movement will double down on dangerous rhetoric following today's verdict. I also have no doubt that Trump's authoritarian messaging will strengthen even further in the days and weeks to come (see his repeated promise to pardon the January 6 insurrectionists).

So we can't take our eye off the ball. A jury verdict doesn't change the fact that we will still face Trump and a united MAGA Republican Party this November, and the election will come down to the wire in multiple states and races.

Will you pitch in whatever you can today to help me continue the fight to help Democrats up and down the ballot in 2024 and protect our rights, future, and the rule of law?

More soon,


Posted on May 30, 2024.

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