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You won’t believe what Senate Republicans just did

I'm straight off the Senate floor where Senate Republicans just blocked a bill led by Senate Democrats to provide ironclad protections for the right to start a family through IVF. This bill unfortunately became necessary after the ruling out of Alabama earlier this year, which essentially made IVF impossible in the state.

I can't believe that the use of IVF to start a family is an issue we have to debate on the Senate floor in 2024, but that's the position Republicans put us in when they gutted Americans' constitutional rights under Roe v. Wade and made it clear no facet of reproductive freedom is safe from their crusade against Americans' basic rights.

After the ruling in Alabama, we saw a lot of feigned surprise and furrowed brows from Senate Republicans over how this ruling could have possibly happened. Minutes ago they got the opportunity to go on the record and protect IVF once and for all. They couldn't be bothered.

And just this morning, we also received word that the Supreme Court was dismissing the far-right's case to limit access to mifepristone based on standing, NOT because it doesn't agree with what the far-right is trying to achieve in this lawsuit.

I'm not breathing a sigh of relief just yet. Unfortunately, the next case extremists bring before the Court will undoubtedly be cherry-picked to clear that threshold and pose an even bigger threat to mifepristone access in America.

The Republican Party's actions today reflect an ongoing pattern of trying to enact a radical anti-reproductive freedom agenda that is totally out of step with mainstream America. To stop them, we need to elect a pro-choice majority in the House and solidify our narrow Senate majority this fall.

Will you donate $3 to join our fight and make this a reality? I need your help before our June 30 end-of-quarter deadline to keep my efforts on behalf of Democrats going strong.

Make no mistake, I'll continue leading the charge to stop them in their tracks as they continue their crusade to rip away Americans' rights and freedoms.

More soon,


Posted on June 13, 2024.

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