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Our democracy is in grave danger.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court placed our democracy in grave danger. By a 6-3 vote along ideological lines, the conservative majority ruled that the President can not be criminally prosecuted for any "official acts".

What is an official act? Well, according to Trump's lawyers during oral arguments, an official act could include the President ordering a military coup or the assassination of a political rival.

As of yesterday, SCOTUS effectively agreed with the Trump team's chilling assertion that the President would be immune from prosecution if he were to order the killing of a political rival.

Let me say that again - Trump's own lawyers said that Trump could order a political opponent jailed or murdered and he could not be held accountable - and the MAGA Supreme Court agreed.

Donald Trump has welcomed authoritarianism with open arms, and since leaving office, he's given statements in which he promises "a bloodbath" if he loses the election and to be "a dictator on day one" if he wins.

As Trump's grip on the GOP has intensified, so has the anti-democratic agenda within the party. What this tells us is that no matter if Trump wins or loses in November, we've got a lot of work to do in order to reverse the damage done to our republic by the MAGA movement and their allies in the courts. We will be tested harder than ever before in the weeks, months, and years to come — but I promise I will never stop believing in our democracy and fighting for the principle that the people matter more than the whims of a wannabe dictator.

Joe Biden with the help of a Democratic Congress has made big progress leveling the playing field for working families and will be able to deliver even more for the American people if re-elected. On the other end of the spectrum, Donald Trump and his advisors – and I quote – "plan to immediately test the boundaries of presidential and governing power, knowing the restraints of Congress and the courts are dramatically looser than during his first term."

Trump's first term as president was disastrous, but imagine how much worse a second term will be now that the Supreme Court has essentially given him the power to get away with just about anything.

This phrase gets thrown around a lot, but I can't overstate just how dire the consequences of November's election will be for the future of our country. There are two clear choices on the ballot this year, and now more than ever before, our grassroots movement needs to step up and push back against Trump's radical agenda. I'm all in, and I hope you'll join me.

More soon,


Posted on July 2, 2024.

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