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Sign the petition if you want vote-by-mail implemented through November to protect our elections.

If we’re going to carry forward as a democracy and fight the coronavirus, America needs to move to immediate, national vote-by-mail through the November elections.

Americans shouldn’t have to choose between exercising their constitutional right to vote and putting their health at risk.

This is critical for vulnerable populations – seniors, Americans with compromised immune systems – who deserve a voice and a vote, no matter what. It’s also critical for folks on the front lines – doctors, nurses, biomedical researchers – who shouldn’t be asked to leave work to stand in line at polling places.

Congress should give all Americans the option to vote by mail – and help states with the costs – if this pandemic continues to spread as it is expected to.

Let’s get to work and get this done. If you agree that all voters should have access to vote-by-mail, sign my petition.


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