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The reproductive choice news you might have missed

A quick recap:

Earlier this year, I stood on the Senate floor and sounded the alarm on the far-right's next target in its war on reproductive freedom: the abortion medication, mifepristone.

This spring, a radical right-wing judge in Texas handed anti-abortion fanatics the ruling they'd been hoping for, effectively banning this critical pillar of reproductive care nationwide.

And just last week, three anti-choice judges in a federal appeals court ruled to further restrict access to mifepristone, second-guessing the scientists and medical professionals at the FDA, and ignoring decades worth of research demonstrating this medication to be safer than Tylenol. Echoing anti-abortion activists' rhetoric, the judges argued that the FDA's decisions to increase access were illegal.

CNBC: Appeals court imposes restrictions on abortion pill, but drug will stay on the market for now

These restrictions won't take effect right away, and this case will likely come before the Supreme Court sometime next year.

That means that for now, mifepristone remains legal and on the market.

But if the Supreme Court upholds this week's ruling or declines to hear the case, doctors will no longer be able to prescribe mifepristone through telemedicine appointments, and patients wouldn't be able to receive it by mail like other prescriptions. This will be a crushing blow to women around the country, especially in rural areas.

This ruling – if it's allowed to take effect – would bury access to mifepristone under red tape, making it even harder for women across the country to access this critical pillar of reproductive care.

This isn't the first time the far-right has used the courts – and right-wing judges in particular – to attack reproductive rights, and it won't be the last.

Unfortunately, this case is yet another example of the far-right's war on reproductive freedom, and its obsession with controlling women's bodies and infringing on Americans' right to privacy.

I'm going to be fighting it every step of the way.

Now, it's more important than ever that our progressive movement rises up to defend and expand reproductive rights for all. I held the first Congressional hearing on protecting access to mifepristone. Over 30 years later, I am still fighting with everything I've got to protect access to reproductive care.

More updates soon,


Posted on August 21, 2023.

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