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The state of OUR union is not the state of HIS.

Lies. Brags. Bluster. That's what anyone beyond Donald Trump's most ardent enablers expects from his first official State of the Union tonight.

How many times will he compliment himself? How many out-and-out falsehoods will he tell as long as it makes him or his extreme agenda look good?

I usually love attending the State of the Union, because it's a unique chance for a President to accentuate the positive, to lay out a vision for making our country and world better.

With Donald Trump, the notion that he would even try to do that is absurd. It's a sad commentary on how far the presidency has fallen under his watch.

But while Trump looks at our country and sees strangers and false crises and nonexistent threats, I see our union in a very different state:

The America I see is hard-working and humble.

The America I see is fed up with the racist, sexist, hate-filled rhetoric regularly vomited by bullies and blowhards.

The America I see is willing to take on tough fights. To keep families from getting ripped apart. Ensuring everyone has access to quality, affordable health care. Standing up to bullies and blowhards who seek to drive people apart.

The America I see won't give up as long as there are wrongs that remain unrighted.

As I sit listening to Donald Trump lie and brag and bluster tonight, I'll be thinking of those people fighting to unify us, to bring our country back from the brink of Donald Trump's extreme agenda.


Posted on January 30, 2018.

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