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Here's how we solve the gun violence problem

If you want to do something about ending gun violence, there are two crucial steps to take:

  1. Register to vote.
  2. Vote.

Voter registration is easy and only takes minutes.

Don't miss the deadline to register to vote in Oregon's primary tonight at midnight!

Oregonians I've met with in every part of the state tell me they want solutions to our gun violence crisis. Urban and rural Oregonians agree: It's time for the NRA to stop setting the agenda.

It's time to take action and create commonsense gun legislation:

  • Completed background checks on all firearm sales;
  • Holding gun manufacturers accountable for ignoring their duty to act with reasonable care for public safety;
  • Lifting the ban on federally-funded research into solving the gun violence epidemic.

It's up to every Oregonian to help elect local, state, and national lawmakers who will stand up to the NRA and its flawed arguments about guns.

Register to vote. Vote. Make your voice heard!


P.S. You can register when you're 16. When you turn 18, you'll be all set to vote.

Posted on April 24, 2018.

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