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Systemic destruction of the Postal Service -- and our Democracy

In 2002, when Ron Wyden introduced the first bill to take Vote-By-Mail to every corner of America, he knew it would be a tough fight – wealthy special interests and right-wing extremists have been trying to suppress the vote for decades.

But Ron never expected to face calculated, relentless opposition from a President of the United States, let alone one who would exploit a global pandemic to put his own political survival before the health and well-being of vulnerable voters.

Now that Trump has installed Republican mega-donor Louis DeJoy as his handpicked Postmaster General, he's deployed a dangerous weapon to systematically destroy the Postal Service – and our democracy.

And we're not taking this lying down for one second.

Rolling Stone: The Senate's top vote-by-mail advocate Ron Wyden vows, 'This is far from over. DeJoy needs to answer for the damage already done.'

There's no way our movement's letting that happen. Chip in now to build the movement and stop Trump and DeJoy's attack on Vote By Mail.

For Ron's entire career as a United States Senator, Oregon has had some of the highest voter turnout rates in the country, and has been repeatedly shown to be due to the lack of barriers created through voting by mail. It's also been shown time and again that voting by mail significantly reduces election costs. Simply put: this is a common sense policy that will secure our elections and reduce costs for taxpayers.

Trump and his cronies know all of that, and they just don't care. The President himself even voted by mail in this year's primary. And Mitch McConnell's silence on the matter shows that nobody with power in the Republican Party shows this is a feature, not a bug, of their vision for America: power, without principles; cronyism instead of conscience.

Nothing less than our vision for an inclusive, free America is on the line this November. Chip in now to make sure our movement is equipped to withstand these blatant, tyrannical efforts.

Ron has seen and fought against many underhanded efforts to block voting, but at no point in his life did he ever imagine a president of the United States would be so brazen to openly admit to suppressing votes just at the chance they might not vote for him.

We're not waiting for a smoking gun; the shots have already been fired. And we can't sit idly by while Donald Trump and Republicans actively try to create an electoral Chernobyl.

Nothing less than our democracy is on the line today. Stand with our movement to take back a free, fair America by and for the people.

Team Wyden

Posted on August 21, 2020.

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