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Graduation shouldn't cost you your financial future

It's graduation time, when we celebrate those students who have worked hard and sacrificed as they head out to build a better world.

Or that's what we'd hope.

Unfortunately, far too many of those graduates are heading into the world to figure out how to pay back staggering, six-figure student loans.

Student debt routes our graduates into a demoralizing financial hamster wheel:

Prepare For College to Pay for Student Loans

To make things even worse, thanks to an outdated and out of touch system, federal debt collectors are going after Americans' hard earned Social Security benefits to cover the cost of outstanding loans. So, in addition to wrestling with their crushing debt, students are denied the benefits they've earned.

Pursuing higher education shouldn't cost you your financial future.

I introduced the Protection of Social Security Benefits Restoration Act, which protects students from losing their Social Security benefits.

It's time we make graduation a celebration of the future, not an entry to a stifling cycle of debt.

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Posted on June 11, 2019.

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