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What is Donald Trump hiding?

We need to shine a light on Donald Trump's abuse of government transparency.

Recently under Trump, the USDA deleted information on puppy mills and animal cruelty from its website. It's the most recent example of an administration that's keeping too many secrets from the American people.

Please sign my petition and tell Trump's USDA: Protect animals and restore animal welfare reports!

From his taxes to his connections on Russia to data on puppy mills and other critical taxpayer-funded records, Trump wants to pull a blindfold over the American people's eyes.

Americans deserve to make informed decisions about who they adopt animals from and the basic health and safety standards that are met. Enough is enough. To protect animals from abuse, consumers deserve full transparency from the USDA.

If Trump's willing to hide information from the public on animal abuse, what else is he willing to hide?

Fight back now: Tell Trump to protect animals and ensure consumers have full transparency from the USDA!


Posted on February 20, 2017.

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