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Trump and Russia - what's next?

I wasn’t the biggest fan of FBI Director James Comey – we disagreed on a lot of things from torture to encryption to how he handled the investigation of Secretary Clinton.

But the fact that Donald Trump fired Director Comey yesterday in the midst of the investigation into Trump’s associates and allies is outrageous.

And it appears that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was involved in the decision, despite having previously recused himself from all things related to Russia.

Something’s not right and Americans need to know the truth.

We must find out exactly what the former FBI Director knows. He should immediately testify in an open hearing on where the FBI's investigation was when he was fired.

So what now?

Comey has been invited to testify in a closed hearing at the Senate Intelligence Committee next week – but that’s just the start. We need to appoint a completely independent special counsel to lead this investigation – right now.

The current administration must show respect for the citizens of this country and do a thorough and independent investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia.

Posted on May 10, 2017.

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