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The Oregon Way - this year and next

I talk a lot about the Oregon Way. It's our state's spirit of building community and working together to solve problems and improve life for everyone. And the tougher things get, the more resolute we become. It's embedded in our DNA as Oregonians.

This year, I'm proud to say that the Oregon Way is alive and well. As Donald Trump stepped up his attacks on American values, the folks I met showed up with more and more courage and integrity.

I felt it in the 52 town halls I held this year.

I saw it in the dynamic, creative, passionate students I met on the campuses of high schools, colleges and universities across the state.

I heard it from the people who approached me in supermarkets, post offices, and parks to offer their ideas on problems facing our nation – everything from climate change to health care to immigration to infrastructure.

Those ideas came back to Washington with me and formed the core of far-reaching, bipartisan solutions to confront the infernos, update the Medicare guarantee, and fight for online privacy.

Oregonians are more passionate and more involved than ever, which means we're looking at a big year for the Oregon Way, and I couldn't be prouder to welcome 2019 at your side.

Check out the video today!

Happy New Year. See you in the supermarket.


Posted on December 31, 2018.

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