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Trump's plan is dangerous

From the moment he started his campaign, Donald Trump made it clear that he supported the right's most radical anti-choice positions, even suggesting a "punishment" for women who choose to terminate a pregnancy.

Recently, Trump announced his intention to cut off federal funds for any family planning clinic that provides access to abortion. Further, it imposes a gag rule on health care providers, barring them from even informing a pregnant woman of all of her options.

We can't let them get away with this. Fuel the movement to fight back!

The administration's decision will close clinics across the country, depriving Americans – disproportionately low-income women, people of color, and women in rural areas – of access to birth control, STI testing and treatment, cancer screenings, and other basic reproductive health care.

It's not a political game anymore. Donald Trump's decision strikes at the heart of women's right to make their own health care choices in consultation with their doctor – not Donald Trump or the federal government. This is dangerous for the millions of women (and men) who rely on the health services from care providers like Planned Parenthood.

I will always – always – defend a woman's right to choose, and that's why I'm proud to stand with Planned Parenthood and others to take on Trump's illegal and transparent attack on Planned Parenthood and low-income women.

Are you with me? Please chip in before our first big fundraising deadline of 2019!

Together, we can stand tall and speak with one voice for women's health care. I'm counting on you.


Posted on March 22, 2019.

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