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Tax Day's over, but the questions haven't gone anywhere.

Look, Andrew: even if Donald Trump wasn't the most fundamentally dishonest person to occupy the White House, the American people would have good reason to demand his tax returns.

Trump's spent decades cultivating business ties around the world, including in countries hostile to the United States, with extraordinary amounts of money on the line.

Upon his election, Trump refused to divest from those businesses. Foreign officials have openly announced that they stay in the Trump International Hotel in order to curry favor with our president.

The American people want to know exactly what's going on. That makes perfect sense. And an honest president would actively want to reassure the American people that he had no conflicts of interest. That's basic government transparency.

Now, think about all of the times Trump has inexplicably capitulated to or praised some of the world's most brutal leaders: Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud.

Now, consider that Trump has lied repeatedly about his international business connections, including a proposed Trump Tower Moscow that would have brought in more than $300 million.

Now, add to that the fact that Trump has lied to the public nearly 10,000 times in the last 26 months.

To take Trump at his word about anything, but especially about his foreign business entanglements, isn't just foolish, Andrew. It's dangerously, willfully ignorant.

Those tax returns must be made public, and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure the American people learn the truth.


Posted on April 16, 2019.

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