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These are children

The United States has responded to a genuine humanitarian crisis – the influx of migrant families and refugees at our southern border – by creating an ongoing, systematic violation of human rights.

Conditions in Trump's internment camps are a nightmare brought to life. This week, observers described children caked with filth, held behind fences, deprived of sleep. Adolescents tasked with caring for infants. Widespread illness coupled with insufficient medical care. Lack of the most basic hygienic items: soap, toothbrushes, diapers.

These are children.

And still, this administration plays politics and points fingers and refuses to take action.

We've identified a group of nonprofits making a difference on the ground by providing legal and humanitarian aid to these children. Please contribute now to support their work while we fight to shut the camps down for good.

Conditions have deteriorated so dramatically in part because the Trump administration has been able to prevent observers from visiting the camps.

Today I reintroduced my bill to give members of Congress full access to these facilities without interference from the White House or executive branch.

In all aspects of his presidency, Donald Trump has shown unprecedented resistance to even the most basic Congressional oversight. That's allowed him to create a network of camps more barbaric than we'd ever have believed could exist in the U.S.

Trump's enablers will resist this too. While we take up the fight in Congress, these nonprofits are on the front lines, providing immediate assistance. Chip in now to keep their work going.

Our values require us to protect the safety and well-being of those fleeing hardship. Our compassion drives us to fight for the parents and children who are seeking a better life. And our humanity demands that we stand up for the freedom and dignity of all people.

History's shown what happens when a government scapegoats a group of people and classifies them as less-than. It has also shown us that the worst horrors occur because too many people are afraid to speak up or intervene.

This is a defining moment for us – as a nation and as people. Will we be bystanders or fight to put an end to these atrocities?

Please stand with me. Chip in now to help children and families being hurt by the Trump administration's brutal immigration agenda.


Posted on June 28, 2019.

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